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What a show!!!

By BetsyAdmin / June 15, 2020

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here you go!…Elizabeth Ann is taken in by her doting Aunt Frances and assiduous Great Aunt Harriet.She understands!Hello, I’d like to make a reservation!Anything but the Putneys! (Payten Whittome as Betsy)Driving to the Putney Farm with Uncle Henry (Maia Frick as Betsy).An inquisitive look from stalwart, no-nonsense […]


Understood BETSY Photoshoot

By BetsyAdmin / November 12, 2018

A few weeks ago, on a frigid and foggy Saturday morning, six members of the Understood BETSY cast braved the cold to help us capture some promo photos. Shot at the Historic Stewart Farm in Surrey, BC—the perfect locale for an early 20th century story set on a farm—these photos capture some of the endearing […]


A Dream in the Making

By BetsyAdmin / May 14, 2018

Some years ago, before heading off to our cabin in the bush, my good friend Dina Smith lent me her well worn, might I say, tattered (?) copy of Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. I began to read it late one evening and could not stop. There were so many points that resonated within me; things […]



By BetsyAdmin / April 29, 2018

Orphaned as a baby, Elizabeth Ann is taken in by her Great Aunt Harriet and her daughter, gentle, tender hearted, conscientious Aunt Frances who live in a medium sized town, in a medium sized state in the middle of America.After nine years of constant coddling, timid and wistful Elizabeth Ann is totally dependent on her […]