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What a show!!!

By BetsyAdmin / June 15, 2020

If a picture is worth a thousand words, here you go!…Elizabeth Ann is taken in by her doting Aunt Frances and assiduous Great Aunt Harriet.She understands!Hello, I’d like to make a reservation!Anything but the Putneys! (Payten Whittome as Betsy)Driving to the Putney Farm with Uncle Henry (Maia Frick as Betsy).An inquisitive look from stalwart, no-nonsense […]


A Dream in the Making

By BetsyAdmin / May 14, 2018

Some years ago, before heading off to our cabin in the bush, my good friend Dina Smith lent me her well worn, might I say, tattered (?) copy of Understood Betsy by Dorothy Canfield Fisher. I began to read it late one evening and could not stop. There were so many points that resonated within me; things […]



By BetsyAdmin / April 29, 2018

Orphaned as a baby, Elizabeth Ann is taken in by her Great Aunt Harriet and her daughter, gentle, tender hearted, conscientious Aunt Frances who live in a medium sized town, in a medium sized state in the middle of America.After nine years of constant coddling, timid and wistful Elizabeth Ann is totally dependent on her […]