Recording the Backing Track

By BetsyAdmin / November 4, 2018

Wow. Me, in a recording studio. Another first in this crazy adventure we are on. I was so nervous that first day last August and I wasn’t even playing! Well, I did play piano for one song because after all, what musician doesn’t want to appear at least once on an official recording?

Lincoln Tatem and Michael Nowak

The nerves were quickly dispelled by Lincoln Tatem our ever-affirming Producer and the equally affable Michael Nowak, Sound Engineer at Saga Recording, Vancouver. These guys make a great team!

Naomi Schmidt

Tracks were laid down for piano (Kelvin Ketchum, Lincoln, me), flute (Vania Levans and Naomi Schmidt), violin (Cameron Wilson) and cello (Finn Manniche).  A wee bit of percussion and electric bass were added by Lincoln and Naomi contributed a song’s worth of clarinet and a short saxophone cameo in the Finale Mix. Each of these accomplished artists were a pleasure to work with and they all make such beautiful music. Cam and Finn’s playing brought tears (of joy!) to my eyes more than once.

Cameron Wilson and Finn Manniche

Stephen, Aurelia and Amy Forsyth groovin' the vocals, Sept, 2020

Stephen, Aurelia and Amy Forsyth groovin' the vocals, Sept. 2020

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