Understood BETSY Photoshoot

A few weeks ago, on a frigid and foggy Saturday morning, six members of the Understood BETSY cast braved the cold to help us capture some promo photos.

Shot at the Historic Stewart Farm in Surrey, BC—the perfect locale for an early 20th century story set on a farm—these photos capture some of the endearing relationships and memorable characters that you’ll enjoy in our show.

‘How can an apple go through a plank?’ [Photo by: Sophie Agbonkhese]

‘She understands!’  [Photo by: Alea Cook]

‘I’m off to the Putneys, where there are no good times at all!’ [Photo by: Sophie Agbonkhese]

‘Anything but the Putneys!’ [Photo by: Alea Cook]

‘She just needs a little time for spreading out her wings’ [Photo by: Alea Cook]



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